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The referral business is a very powerful business. The aim is to definitely turn your customers into advocates for you, hence increasing the number of customers you have. But how are you going to turn your existing clients into advocates, you ask? The 4 points above all contribute to this....

How often do you stay in touch with your customers? If they need your product or service, are you the first name they think of?

What's your Unique Selling Proposition?

By that we mean, why would Joe Bloggs come to your business instead of the business down the road offering the same product or service?

Why are YOU different?

What do you offer the customer that others don't?

How good are you at adding to the average dollar per sale?

When the customer purchases paint, for example, are you making sure they have a good, working paint brush and perhaps a paint tray?

How effective are you at making sure they receive the same service or product EVERY time they do business with you - have you ever been to a café or restaurant and had a wonderful meal or coffee and returned the next time only to have an awful cup of coffee or meal, or even bad service?

This is because the business is not SYSTEMISED . People don't run businesses, systems do. The team members in the coffee shop should be making exactly the same cup of coffee every time. Every team member in your business should be operating by a Systems Manual, completing tasks the same way every time.

Ask yourself ....

Are you chasing your tail?

  • Is your business constantly spending money on advertising?
  • Are you losing business?
  • Are you finding it hard to attract new business?
  • Are your profits not as healthy as they used to be?
  • Or maybe your business is doing great but could always do better?

Most business owners absolutely cringe at the thought of having to spend huge amounts of seemingly wasteful dollars on marketing their business. The thing is, most businesses will spend six times more trying to attract new customers, than they ever did keeping the old ones..


Ask yourself and your business these questions on a regular basis and
you'll certainly be on your way to growing your business.

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