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Candice and Emma at the MarchEmma with two little orphansKids getting ready to March for the Rights of Children ParadeEmma Painting the library at the Safe Haven CentreThe Cambodian RidersEmma with an orphanThe monks at Angkor Wat

"The people in Cambodia live in such extreme poverty, but yet they are the kindest human beings we have ever come across. If you were living in your own pile of rubbish, under a tarp on the street, would you run out to greet strangers and give them high fives with a huge smile on your face?? This just shows the spirit and hope that they all have despite the horrible past they have endured. The ride for us was hands down the best day of our lives. We will never forget when we rode through this little town and all the kids were lined up for kms armed with buckets of water and hoses ready to cool us down. That was their thanks to us for doing what we were doing to help save their country.

We reached Poipet just as it turned dark, and were greeted by hundreds of screaming and cheering community members. Let’s just say many tears fell from our stinging, sore, dusty eyes. You could see how grateful the Cambodians were, they looked at you with such gratitude. We were handed handmade medals which the children had made for us and then made our way to the Safe Haven Centre. By the time we reached Safe Haven it was pitch black and we literally could not see our hands in front of our faces. Despite this we had to ride about 500 meters over flooded, muddy boulders which was built as a temporary road due to the floods. We couldn’t see the children but we could hear them all cheering waiting for us to arrive. As we approached the front gate, we saw the kids lined up either side of the drive way and they had laid down palm leaves for us to walk over. That was when we lost it. The cheering kids, the palm leaves, the handmade medals…that’s when it all hit us what we had just accomplished. We can’t describe the feeling of crossing that finish line. All those months of blood, sweat and tears to prepare for this ride have been so worth it. We would do it again tomorrow…if our boss lets us he he.

 For the rest of the week we marched in the rights for the children parade, handed our bikes over to the HIV/Aids patients, visited the Safe Haven Centre where we helped put bricks down for a new safe house, played with the children and painted their library, visited the School on the Mat program and witnessed the opening of the new Hope Transformation Centre. The children at Safe Haven are so adorable and it breaks your heart knowing what they have been through. You can’t help but want to be involved with Be A hero not just for the week we were there, but for a life time. It really makes you appreciate what we have here in Australia and how lucky we are. Our week in Cambodia was an emotional rollercoaster, but one we are so lucky and so grateful to have experienced. To everyone that donated and supported us through this journey, we cannot thank you enough. You helped us change the lives of many children and gave us the strength to embark on this life changing journey. And last but not least thank you to Robins Accountants…we will be forever grateful and we thank you for taking us on this incredible journey” – Candice March and Emma Copson

In addition, Robins Accountants would like to thank each and every person who assisted with the girl's fundraising efforts, whether it be by donating to this wonderful cause, or simply by attending  fundraising  events, wishing them well and congratulating them on their amazing efforts throughout the entire campaign. http://www.breakthecycle.org.au/portal/ 

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