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New year makeover for your SMSF


You should review your SMSF at least twice a year as there are a number of administration tasks to keep on top of and it doesn't hurt to see if your asset allocation is on target, too. 

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The top SMSF property investment mistakes

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating recently suggested that Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) should be restricted from investing in residential property. Mr Keating told the Financial Review, “If I was treasurer today, I would be looking very hard at the whole entitlement or availability of debt to SMSFs. They have gearing ­ available to them and, of course, many of them are taking the option of buying residential property.”....... 

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What Sets Your Business Apart?

The Four Key Ways to Growth

There are four key ways to grow your business:


1.    Increase the number of customers 2.  Increase the number of times they come back 3.   Increase the average dollar per sale  4.   Increase effectiveness

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We bust the FBT Myths!

Top 5 Fringe Benefits Tax Myths Busted!

Fringe benefits tax (FBT) exists to ensure that employees are not getting income disguised in another form and avoiding income tax.  But such a broad concept has its problems. We sort the truth from fiction!

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